Best Football Stadiums in the SEC

The location for the most popular sport throughout the SEC, college stadiums are dubbed as football’s cathedral. These mammoth constructed architectures seat thousands of fans every single Saturday rather Rowdy Reptiles, Barking Bulldogs, or Roaring Tigers.

Additionally, each stadium has its own game day tradition making game day even more eventful. This article will briefly discuss just a few of the very best college football stadiums in the SEC through quick facts, a brief history, and other relevant information for each football stadium.

Bryant-Denny Stadium (University of Alabama)
Dubbed as the seventh largest college stadium located on any college campus, the stadium is named after the program’s Hall of Fame coach Bear Bryant as well as U of A’s President, George Denny. The overall record of games played at this stadium has exceeded the 187-32-3 mark. While a home game sellout record has been set for home games since 1988 the 92,158 seat capacity stadium has elected to never tear down the stadium’s goal posts out of a sign of reverence.

Sanford Stadium (University of Georgia)
Home to the Bulldogs, the stadium features a hedge that runs along both sides of the field. Aside from providing the appealing factor, the hedge aids in keeping crowds from rushing the field, an event that hasn’t happened since the 2000 season. It was here that the first game was played on October 12, 1929 and the first night game was played on October 26, 1940. Another noteworthy game played at this stadium was the upset in 1965 against the University of Alabama.

Benn Gill Griffin Stadium (University of Florida)
Many a battle has been fought since the stadium has opened in 1930. Although additional seating and various modifications have been made to the stadium itself “The Swamp” is home to Gator Growl”, one of the largest student organized and ran pep-rallies throughout all of college football. Game day traditions include the Gator walk as well as the shouting chant battles when the south an east sides of the stadium scream “orange” while the north and West sides respond with “blue”.  I’m not so sure about them re-purposing the urine for use at the stadium.

Tiger Stadium (LSU)
Home to the Tigers of Louisiana State University, the stadium is the 6th largest in college football. The stadium also seats 92,400 and can provide an extremely noisy environment when the rowdy fans start screaming. as a result, the stadium’s nickname is “Death Valley” and can prove to be a challenge to win for any visiting team because of the distracting noise. The stadium is one that is truly noisy and energetic for the Tiger fans of LSU.

Neyland Stadium (University of Tennessee)
Home to a capacity crowd of well over 100,000 screaming fans, this stadium is the largest college football stadium throughout the Sooth. There have been several modifications done on the stadium in the form of various expansions the most notable being the orange and white checkerboard end zones. Game day traditions include the largest tailgate party that has boats lining up outside the stadium along the Tennessee River. Additionally, the bands playing of “Rocky Top” is a longtime fan tradition.

In conclusion, college football stadiums everywhere are known for one thing or another and while each stadium has its own features each also has special traditions that makes the stadium itself a special place for any fan.

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